Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This past weekend, we visited a few antique shops in Fredricksburg and Llano, Texas.  I always look at the old photographs for sale, and imagine that there are families somewhere who would LOVE to have these precious photos.  I also try to imagine the stories that go with them, and what life was like for the photo subjects.  If they are inexpensive enough, I purchase them, with the intent of posting. I may post and send them off to, in hopes of reuniting them with their families.

Here is this week's purchase.  The front reads, "Sad Sacks" and "1st Platoon".  The back is a list of last names.  

If you recognize any of these guys and would like to have this photo, contact me or comment below.  The names are: Saindon, Carruthers, Allen, Brown, Taylor, Staley, Peck, Assael, Staska, Cubberly, Brandehoff, Hesselton, Conze, Whitaker, Schmitt, Kelly, Shephard, Federel, Argenko, Holmes, Clark, Culbertson, Anglin, Begley.