Monday, November 9, 2009

What about that Ogle book?

Yes, I am still working on publishing an Ogle family history book. Right now, I'm experimenting with as a publishing format. I will post when it is ready. The hardest part of a family history book is what focus to take and where and when to stop and publish! I have also had to backtrack to my early days of research when I was not as thorough (ah-hem!) with citing my document sources. I have taken this motto: "A family history book without sources is strictly a work of fictional mythology." I'm not writing fiction, I'm documenting everything that I can!!

Thanks everyone for your patience!

Welcome !!

Hello and welcome to my very first blogpost. I'm new at this whole thing, so bear with me, please! Blogging about my genealogy research on the following families: Ogle, Hawkins, Granath, Goodwin, Covington, Rinker, James, Wright, Bryant, George and Rue. I will be trying to spend a month on each family name and then move on to the next, which hopefully over time will make some progress on the whole line! So here, goes!!

November's focus will be Ogle genealogy. Already this month, I found the following photo online, which I believe is the headstone of my great great grandpa, Moses Ogle and his wife, Mary Ann George Ogle.