Monday, November 9, 2009

What about that Ogle book?

Yes, I am still working on publishing an Ogle family history book. Right now, I'm experimenting with as a publishing format. I will post when it is ready. The hardest part of a family history book is what focus to take and where and when to stop and publish! I have also had to backtrack to my early days of research when I was not as thorough (ah-hem!) with citing my document sources. I have taken this motto: "A family history book without sources is strictly a work of fictional mythology." I'm not writing fiction, I'm documenting everything that I can!!

Thanks everyone for your patience!

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  1. Hey--I've really enjoyed reading all this!

    Super job! Have you had a chance to post that pix from Rick? Who's in it?

    I'll enjoy all you add to this!