Thursday, November 21, 2013

Robert Granath family newspaper article, January 14, 1945.

A recent home flood caused me to move and sort ALOT of genealogy files and family mementos. Which is a very good thing in my case. Before you panic, don't worry, nothing of value was lost in the flood. I did get the opportunity to revisit alot of my research files and have found some 'new' leads and things that I can use in light of more recent discoveries. I have been trying to get more of it scanned and ready to email to cousins and post. This is a neat article I came across that I don't remember seeing before. This is a very dear uncle and aunt, Bobby and Frances Granath. Hope you like it !


  1. Hi Kyla-this is informative! Remind you of any other newlywed couple...Mom and Dad? Married her senior year, too! Ah, young love...btw, I could click this one to make it somewhat larger to read it. Is it my old computer that "sees" them so small? Thanks for posting! Melba

  2. Kyla , are you still updating this site?