Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something neat from my Ogle research. If anyone is searching for proof of a "colorful" character in our heritage, I think that person might be Daniel Ogle. Here is a very interesting document regarding the reason he came to Texas... there are similar documents from his brother, interestingly enough named, Ben R. Ogles (yes, his signature clearly has an S on the end!) I guess the two of them were into some bootlegging over there in Georgia. As the document states, he and his family had already moved to Texas and he was arrested there and returned for sentencing, so I'm still searching for those arrest records for more details! Until then, enjoy this one!


  1. So, Kyla, did he get the pardon? And it is kinda blurry to read when I save it and then enlarge it...any hints? I could read most of it...he had lots of friends/signees, didn't he! Old customers?? heehee

  2. There are more pages to this. Yes, he got pardoned there is one with the Governor's signature on it. It also has his own signature. And it says, "... swears to leave Georgia for Texas, never to return..." or something to that effect! Neato stuff! Will get it posted asap. :) And I'll email you the full size docs too, so you can read.!