Friday, January 8, 2010

Back row: Charlie Clinton Ogle. Ollie Lena Hawkins Ogle. Vera Maude Hawkins Ogle. Essie Maude Ogle Brown (baby). Horace Cleveland (John) Ogle.
Front row: Daniel Ogle. Charlie Clinton Ogle, Jr.(baby), Harriet Selena Bryant Ogle.

Baby at back, Maude was born October 1910, so I'm guessing this photo was taken sometime in 1911. Her name is pronounced Maudie.

Charlie Clinton and Horace Cleveland Ogle were brothers who married Ollie Lena and Vera Maude Hawkins, respectively. Ollie and Vera were sisters. So, all their kids say that they are "double cousins". Does that make the next generation double second cousins and my generation double third cousins? Is there such a thing? :)

I sure would like to know where the location is.

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