Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Original photo courtesy of Rick Perry. Contact me if you want his address for research purposes. These captions come from him:

Portrait of the DANIEL OGLE family, who moved circa 1896 from Cobb Co., GA to the Aubrey/Denton, TX area; photo circa 1898 by M.M. Marable of Pilot Point, TX. All the following, shown left-right, were born in GA: (exc. Hattie):

[D] EVA (Ogle) HODNETT, 1886-19__; [W] HARRIET FRANCES SELENA (Bryant), 1852 – 1925; [GD] HATTIE LEE (Covington) JONES, 1897 TX – 1931 TX; [S] ROBERT DANIEL, 1882 – 1958; [S] JOHN HORRACE, 1891 – 19__; [H] DANIEL, 1856 – 19__; [S] DAVID WALTER, 1880 – 19__: [S] CHARLES C. 1888 – 19__; [SIL] JAMES LEMUEL COVINGTON,1872 – 1933. Not shown are daughters ELISER E. (Ogle) WRIGHT, 1874 - ?; MARY EMMA GERTRUDE (Ogle) COVINGTON, 1878 – 1897; SUSAN ISABELLE (Ogle) WRIGHT, 1876 – 1911.

Some notes:
John Horrace above is Horace Cleveland Ogle whose nickname was John.
Charles C. above is Charlie Clinton Ogle, my grandfather. As far as we have been able to determine, none of his records say his name was Charles. (but who knows?)

This photo is date estimated by Hattie Lee’s age.

There is another photo taken at obviously the same time of James Lemuel Covington and Hattie Lee Covington, his baby daughter. Her mother had passed away before the photo was taken. If you would like to see that photo, let me know.

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