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An old family letter transcribed.

Transcription of letter from Homer and May Belle Ogle to Kyla Ogle, circa 1980.

Kyla’s note: lots of this family lore is miswritten or incomplete, but there are threads of truth in there to be picked out and verified from other sources. Most of the children’s names are incomplete, and have been correctly identified from descendants of those families. I left out the info she wrote about C.C.’s family, my grandfather, because it was a mess. I did not correct grammar or spelling.

Ogle History

Our great Grandfather name was Moses Ogle; his wife’s maiden name is not known by Horace or us. They had 19 boys, Grandpa Robert Dan Ogle was the youngest. Don’t know where he was borned – family moved to Alabama and his brothers were killed in the Civil War. Grandpa Ogle told Horace in 1925 that he was 10 years old when the war ended. He had 1 foster sister, she was a cousin and her mother died when the girl was borned to her mother. Would be our great great aunt as she was a sister to our great Grandmother. Grandpa Ogle told Homer the Indians finished raising him. Grandpa Ogle was 26 years old when he bought Grandma Ogle (Maud Celine Bryan) she was half Cheerkee and half Chow Tow a full blood Indian pretty maiden. Grandpa Ogle was a full blooded Irishman – (white hair – blue eyes – fair skin – 5’9” tall – 180 lbs.) Grandma Ogle was Dark skin – dark eyes – black hair. Her hair never changed color, Homer still remembers it be down past her waist and she would plat it in brades. Large woman after children were borned.

They had an Indian wedding.

Most if not all the children were borned in Atlanta Georgia. Horace remember something about Grandma Ogle’s family. Uncle Dave Bryan coming over to Mangum Oklahoma where they lived to hear William Jennings Bryan speak. He lived at granite Oklahoma. He ask Aunt Ludie if she wanted to go and hear him speak. She said, why should I give 50cents to hear him talk. When I can hear him talk for nothing. So that lead him to think they were kinfolks.

Homer says there were 8 children borned to Grandma and Grandpa Ogle. Don’t know the dates and in what order.

Four boys and four girls About 2 years apart in age. Homer’s Dad being the youngest borned 1892 in Atlanta, Georgia. Grandpa Ogle got in some kind of trouble over the death of a Negro – and Johnnie (Horace Cleveland Ogle) was 4 years old before he saw his Dad (Grandpa Ogle). Grandpa Ogle stayed in No Mans Land in Oklahoma for close to 5 years. Indians keept watch over Grandpa and Grandma Ogle.
Children of Grandpa Ogle
1. Aunt Essie Ogle married at Denton to Dave Wright moved to Tulsa Oklahoma on the Sapunda Road and put up a railroad strip. Known as Dave Wright railroad. Children (11 he thought)
Tacoy –
O.Z. –
Margie –
Pauline –

2. Aunt Eva Ogle married Frank Hodnett a Baptist preacher lived in El Reno, Oklahoma and Chickashaw, Oklahoma. Had 4 children.
Horace twins
Harlow |

3. Aunt Emma Ogle married Bud Covington

4. Aunt Belle Ogle married Mel Wright
1 J.D.
2 Ernest
3 Pauline
4 Twins – Mel and MaryBelle

5. Uncle Bob Ogle married Sarah (Sally) Goodman 4 children
1 Horace
2 B.C.
3 Tootie
4 Pauline

6. Uncle Dave Ogle married Annie Fare, died in 1918 when flu was so bad. Child died at birth. He later married Aunt Lucille and had 2 children:
1 girl
1 boy – David Jr. somewhere in California

After Uncle Dave lost his first wife he and Aunt Lucille went to New Mexico, homestead section there also had salon and groc store. Aunt Lucille left and Indians brought her back safe to the Plains at Denton. Then Uncle Dave traded this section for a horse and pair of boots and also came to Denton. Aunt Lucille was a daughter of a Granville Texas judge.

7. Uncle C.C. Chot Ogle married Homer’s mother’s sister Ollie Lena in Denton Texas.
[Kyla note: a mess of names in all wrong order.]

8. Horace Cleveland Ogle (John) – was youngest of Grandma and Grandpa Ogle married Vera Maude Hawkins in Denton. 7 children:
1 Maudie
2 Homer
3 Mabel (died at 12)
4 Eva Belle
5 Tommie
6 Pearl
7 Dorene

Grandma Ogle is buried here in Denton, Texas.
Grandpa Ogle is buried at Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

You may have information that I don’t have.
Thanks for writing.

Homer and May Belle

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