Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar - December 7 - Christmas cookies

Baking was such an integral part of Christmas at our house that I really believe that we created some type of delight every single day of Advent! The cookies abounded. There were so many and such variety that I really believe we must have tried every recipe that my mother came across. My all time favorite though, had to be peanut butter, not just to eat but to make!

When rolling the soft dough, if my fingers could make it a perfect ball, then taking a fork and pressing oh so gently one way, then the next would create an absolutely round cookie with a perfect grid on top. What fun that was! We would make a batch of those that way, then another day, we would make the same recipe, but use our thumb to make a little groove on top. These cookies were baked and then, when soft out of the oven, we'd carefully press a chocolate kiss into the thumb groove. The warmth of the cookie made the kiss melt just a little into the cookie itself and that was a tiny taste of Heaven on earth!!

I do believe that I will create that memory in my kitchen this very evening! YUM!

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  1. I agree that Christmas cookies are a very important part of Christmas. Just can't be Christmas without cookies! Yummy.