Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Books About Our Granath Family

I've been asked this question by cousins several times in the past few weeks, so I thought I would post it here for everyone to look up when they need to. I am SO blessed that in the past few years, several of my cousins have 'caught' an interest in family genealogy, and they keep me busy asking me questions about it. Of course, it may be because they suddenly have school age children who have "All About Me" projects, but I don't mind. I know that once bitten, there is no cure for the Genea-bug, and only regular feeding of new research makes the longings go away for a while.

Without future ado, here are the works that I know of that contain our Granath family information or are written by Granath family members:

The Girl From The Rimrocks by Adina Granath Yeager, 2003, Nucla, Colorado.

GRANATH, The Family Without End by Ruth Granath Yahr, 2005, Fullerton, Colorado.

Our Past -- The Portals To The Future, an oral history of Dolores and the surrounding areas by Dolores Public Library, Dolores Colorado. Volume 1, 1992, Johnson Printing Co, Boulder, Colorado. Volume 2, 1994, ISBN 0-9640770-1-9.

The Forefathers of Blanche E. Goodwin Granath and her Descendants, researched and compiled by her daughter, Ruth Granath Jahr.

If you can add any to this list, please let me know. I hope to someday soon have a title to add of my own. Happy reading until then!


  1. That will be nice! In your spare time, I guess....:) Love ya, little sis! Melba

  2. I enjoyed seeing your blog. It's exciting to find new relatives, isn't it!
    Your Cousin,
    Joyce Gudmundsen Richardson
    Descendant of Edwin Goodwin