Friday, July 16, 2010


This is my first Follow Friday, where I'm supposed to blog about another blog I follow or a tradition that I follow. There were several recommendations, when I clicked on the first one, it said, FOLLOW REUNIONS !! Ok, since I've been thinking about and preparing for the 42nd Annual Ogle/Hawkins family reunion, I thought I would "follow" that theme !!!

I am SO blessed that our family continues this tradition! I know sometimes its a bit of a pain, coming right before school starts and also due to the distance that we have to travel to make it there, but MAN, every year, I'm SO glad that I went !

I've got some interesting changes in store for this year (Thanks, Melba!!), so come if you can!

And on that note, here's the photo from last year's reunion. What a good turnout!
I love group photos, so expect more of these!

Have a great day - and great a 'following' tradition in your family today!

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  1. Hi there. You mentioned the Hawkins surname. I'm a Hawkins descendant, of the Philemon Hawkins line. Who and from where are your Hawkinses?