Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - My mom and Hymns.

My sentimental Sunday story this week revolves around my mom, Dolores Peggy Jane Granath Ogle. Whenever I hear the classic old hymn, "Amazing Grace", I almost always start crying, because I can remember so vividly her singing that song as I was growing up and her saying that it was her favorite hymn. Anytime I hear it, if I close my eyes, I can hear her voice, clear as a bell, and I know she's probably singing it in Heaven to Jesus and smiling with her head tilted. And I bet that her voice catches at the end, just like it always did, because she couldn't get through it without crying either, just like me.

Another one, "The Old Rugged Cross" I find myself humming to myself without thinking about it, as I stand at the sink doing dishes sometimes, just exactly as I remember her doing many times in my growing up years.

We weren't really regulars at church, and I cant recall that we 'belonged' to any particular church growing up, but I knew our Lord and what He did for us through her, by the way she lived her life.

And she was a walking breathing songbook - any song from any musical, or pop, rock, jazz, swing, country western, folk songs, silly songs or anything in between, she could sing it, word for word and every verse ever written, too. It was nothing short of phenomenal. And it sure made life a lot of fun!!!

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  1. Fantastic post, Kyla. What a wonderful gift your mom left you!