Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Today's theme involves some piece of wisdom that has been passed down in your family. I cant remember any of my four grandparents, which is probably why I got started in genealogy in the first place. Asking my mother what her parents and grandparents were like was something that I never tired of doing, because she would always come up with a story or something that I had not heard before. I've always been fascinated with family stories, whether they were true or not! I dont recall any particular phrase of advice or wisdom that my mother passed down, but there were some common themes. Treat everyone you meet like family, because they might be! Smile and adjust your attitude. Dont hold a grudge longer than it takes to say, "Im sorry." and "I forgive you."

I do remember her telling me that her dad, Pappy (my grandfather Walter Edward Granath) always said that "Two moves is as good as a fire", meaning to get rid of junk. We come from a long line of packrats, I think.

She also told me that her sweet mother, Blanche Goodwin Granath, would always give a baby blanket as a gift to the new babies or a cast-iron skillet as a gift to the new brides in the Oil Field camp where they lived near Hobbs, New Mexico.

Until next week, that's all the wisdom I can handle for one day.

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