Monday, July 12, 2010


Ok, I'm jumping into the Genealogy Bloggers world, in hopes that making connections with all the rest of the crazy "Genies" out there will motivate me to do some more researchin'.

So, this is my very first post about Madness Monday, as done by Genealogy bloggers everywhere - here's the 'assignment'. To blog about an ancestors mental illness or a situation in your research that drives you crazy mad.

My one most elusive ancestor is not that far up the tree - my great grandfather Alfred Granath. Most of my life, I've been searching for a final resting spot for this scoundrel, thinking that he must of died prior to 1900 because I found "her" and the kids listed in that census in Dolores, Colorado, right where they should be. But, like most of these types of puzzles, as the years went by, the plot thickened. An accidental courthouse search find revealed that they were divorced in 1900 due to his 'unwillingness' to support his family and he disappeared into the Colorado hills. (Or so I thought...)

Last week, I happened upon an "every name" index of the Colorado 1910 census, and low and behold, there's a 67 year old boarder named Alfred Granath living right in Dolores again! I never found him, because I was searching indexes for head of household and some indexer entered his last name as Grunalt - whew! Not even close!!!

. "He's" been patiently waiting on me to find him, right there where he should be, all this time !! With his birthplace, father and mother's birthplace and year of immigration to the US and that he was a naturalized citizen, no less! Yes, I'm CRAZY with glee !!!!

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